in times of “copy&paste” and the “world wide web” the charge of stealing ideas is common. but frequently it lies in the nature of things that illustrations are limited by their nature. in this case it is the “euro” and “greece”. designed for sh:z on 11/2 2011 the “the fall and the case of the euro” was covered by the “spiegel” on 5/14 2012, too.

in zeiten des „copy&paste“ und des „world wide web“ ist der vorwurf des ideenklaus nicht weit. oft ist es aber auch so, dass themenabbildungen aus ihrer natur heraus limitiert sind. wie zb. in diesem fall „euro“ und „griechenland“. für den sh:z am 2.11.2011 entworfen war der „fall euro“ ebenso titelthema des spiegel vom 14.5.2012.

from hip to haptic


sometimes work on small litte details can make a big impact. like for instance a varnish layer. if you see it or touch it, it is a subtle emotional moment — like getting goosebumps. and it is like the business card would talk to you, saying: “hi, i am more than just a name and number”…

avant-garde in 2000


clear contrasts, pointing out the topics for a swift overview, bold typefaces mixed with sophisticated microtypography, the l-shaped teaser and scoops around a vivid masthead with a dynamic logo, introducing colour to the reader after a long period of black and white printing…  indeed a very progessive design more than 14 years ago…