what is graphic design for me?

as far as my memories go back i remember that i am attracted to all kind of rhythms and patterns.

later i learned to question disorder and order in nature.

in particular within my master studies at the university of applied sciences in mainz, germany.

there i could focus on the challange to play, to analyse, to conclude — how to set and use my graphic filter.

graphic design is about two things: content and form.

in daily use this can mean: messages in form of words or pictures have a certain volume. words need type characters and pictures want to be put in a shape. to put all in a clear and manageable grid is the art of macro- and micro-typorgaphy.

futher, graphic design is about traditions, the status quo and looking ahead.

humans do not stop to develop their techniques. our methods influence art and the time we live in.

my first design steps were drawing on paper. but soon the display and screen conquered my working environment. i am to curious to withdraw new inventions.

today i use both ways to approach. ideas are brainwork, the hand does the design.