there is a briefing first to understand the clients …

… wishes and aims. then it is up to the designer to have the clue. to hit the mark is a designers daily life. but every time a new challange, and vivid too. to understand, that the big picture is made of many small pieces. and they all have to fit together.

literally its like digging deep and deeper to strike the gold nugget, the diamond. once found it needs to be cut to become a jewel. in practice this means, that the logo, the sign, the brand, the icon, the slogan is immensely compact but at the same time as significant as it can be.

in addition it has to work on all kind of platforms: on paper, on screen, in macro and micro level, black and white and in colour, on a positive and a negative space and it has to be recorgnized and stand for it self out on a limb or within a teeming and blinking universe.

surplus its not wrong to be a little ahead of the hype. even the designs zeitgeist can change quickly and trends are swift. apart from religious symbols who seem to be carved in stone. in the end the aim is to be of timeless beauty.

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